How It Works


Finding new tyres & receiving the best price from your local tyre dealers has never been so easy……


1.  Search through our extensive list of the leading tyre brands & models to find the tyre that best suits your needs. To make it even easier you can search by tyre size, brand, price or all 3. You can also read the consumer reviews of those tyres to make the decision making process as easy as possible.


2. As you search for your new tyres, you can add any of those tyres to your Quote Request by clicking the Add to Quote button & nominating how many of those tyres you are chasing. You can add as many different tyre brands & models as you would like to your Quote Request.


3. Submit your Quote Request form & the leading tyre companies selling your selected tyre’s in your area will then contact you via your preferred contact method offering expert advice and their Best Price!!  1 form, multiple quotes.


It’s That Simple!! 



I submitted my request but haven’t received any quotes yet?

Although we expect our tyre dealers to respond to your request as quickly as possible, sometimes delays may occur. We are continually adding more tyre dealers to our network but on the odd occasion we may not have any tyre dealers in your area to service your request. If you don’t receive a response within 3 or 4 days, please contact us & we will do our best to help you out.

Do we buy the tyres through your website?

No. Best Price Tyres do not sell any products to customers. We simply connect you with the businesses that stock your tyre of choice. All payments, bookings & specific questions will be between the tyre dealers & you.

Is your service free?

Absolutely 100% free to customers.We want to help you find the best deal.

Are your tyre prices current?

All tyre prices on our website are updated regularly but should be used as a guide only. If you want the best price for a particular tyre in your area, you will need to submit a request to receive a quote from your local tyre dealers who stock your chosen tyre. Prices can vary from dealer to dealer & state to state.

Are all the businesses used reputable?

Our network of businesses include many of Australia's top independant & nation wide tyre companies. They are reviewed by our customers & deleted off our network with consistent negative reviews.

How many businesses will contact me?

Depending on the brand of tyre you choose & the amount of companies in your area that stock that tyre, but on average between 2-5. You can choose if you would like to be contacted via phone or email.

How long will it take to receive my quotes?

This will depend on each tyre dealer that the request has been sent to but we would expect you to be contacted by the close of the next business day.