About Us


In 2011 we saw a gap in the market for a tyre comparison website to bring all the top brand tyres together in the one place. Best Price Tyres was created to make the search for new tyres as easy as possible after hearing hundreds of stories of people purchasing tyres only to discover they aren’t quite what they expected or even worse, they are advertised by the store down the road the next week for $50 less!!


Searching for new tyres can be very time consuming & most people only purchase a set of tyres once every 2-3 years so we wanted to make the experience a pleasurable & hassle free one, with all relevant information needed to make an informed decision at your fingertips.


Here at Best Price Tyres we are continually looking to improve our content to maintain our status as Australia’s No 1 online tyre comparison website by listening to our customers & including constantly updated information that makes the search for the best price tyres as easy as possible.


We want you to get the best deal out there!!